The Hunter Holmes Memorial Fund

The Hunter Holmes Memorial Fund is a non-profit, which directs all funds to help finance, educate, counsel, train and support local kids, their families and their school here in Central Oregon, on suicide and the effects concussions have in youth sports.

To date, the funds raised have gone towards:

  • A scholarship to be awarded each year to two high school seniors.
  • The “Safe Oregon” app installed on all Redmond School District Chrome books.
  • Speakers on suicide prevention at RHS.
  • Creating a professional video to be shown in all RHS mentor period classes, to enable students to see and hear what might be going on in others’ lives and to have empathy and kindness toward everyone.

Join Us

We have also been meeting with RHS’s high school athletic trainer and a Bend doctor who focuses on concussions in youth sports. We hope to bring more awareness on how concussions affect the brain and impulse control.

If you want to donate directly to the fund, you may do so through Hunter Holmes Memorial Fund at Selco Credit Union, account # 608824

For more information please contact:

Travis & Erika Holmes

Facebook – Hunter Holmes Memorial Golf Tournament
6495 NE Ochoco Ln.
Prineville, Or 97754


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