Customized Projects

Mantle shelves have now taken the place of traditional full-face mantles. They are found in streamlined, urban decor as well as earthy, rustic homes. Some of these mantle shelves are thick, while others are slim, sleek and simple sections of wood. At Dynamic Contractors, we believe that the stain you choose for your mantle should complement the design of the fireplace and also the style of the room.

At Dynamic Contractors, we not only custom design mantle, but also the stains. All our mantles are handmade. Our homemade stains not only add a rustic look to our mantles but also give them a perfect finish.

Unique Designs

At Dynamic Contractors, we pay special attention to our customer's ideas and design every project the way they want it. We strive to deliver beautiful and long-lasting mantles. To create perfect mantles with beautiful designs and vibrant colors of your dream, fill out the form below. Buy a customized mantle of your choice!


Our custom-made stain makes our mantles one of a kind. Our rustic looking mantles are designed to be versatile for every home and style. They are simple but versatile.


We provide many styles of railings to bring style and safety to your stairs. Wood or metal we cover it all.

Barn Doors

We help you configure the style and size of barn doors that would work for you. Barn doors bring a rustic touch to your home. They become a beautiful conversation topic at your next gathering.


Our shelving closets, kitchen, floating shelves, and whole room shelving systems re excellent and made to perfection. Everything from big to small, we’ve got you covered.

All of our installations are put together with precise craftsmanship for quality of work.